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I desperately needed to step out of my comfort zone. I needed to find myself again.

I wanted and longed for the feeling of knowing I AM beautiful, I AM strong, I AM fierce, and I LOVE MYSELF.

Since that photo shoot I chose to do for myself, not only has boudoir changed the way I look at myself, it has also changed the way I love and treat myself.

I want this for all women.

Your experience with my team will be life-changing. It will be uplifting and empowering.

Your boudoir session will leave you feeling worthy, beautiful, sexy, confident, and like a whole new woman.

You will walk out of the studio as the woman you have always longed to be!

When you choose me as your boudoir photographer, I create beautiful, fine art images that empower and celebrate you.

Whether it's a gift for your wedding day, anniversary, or birthday, or a confidence-boosting gift to yourself after giving birth, a break up, or tough time, the primary focus is you:

Your beauty, your adventure, your emotions, and your story.

I want to capture exactly who you are, just as you are.

I became passionate about boudoir photography after experiencing the strength I felt, the confidence, self-love, and worth, after choosing to do my own boudoir session as a gift for myself.

All of my life I had struggled with feeling like I was enough.

I struggled with being confident in my own skin, I struggled with feeling beautiful and truly being able to love myself. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2015 and then struggled with severe postpartum depression and anxiety.

this is a life-changing experience

Why boudoir?

Boudoir Haven is an adorable little home built in 1921, nestled in the heart of the Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Not only do we have a full room dedicated to boudoir photo sessions that is easily interchangeable...

Our Warm & Welcoming,
Private & Pampering 
Studio Space 

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Boudoir Haven has a beautiful exposed brick stack wall, wood framed accents, and charming original wood floors throughout.

Our studio spaces also include a full room dedicated to hair and makeup, and a beautiful spot for your same-day gallery reveal! Plus, it houses our ever-growing variety of wardrobe pieces!

Hair & Makeup
& Wardrobe...OH MY! 


Come check out Boudoir Haven! Consider this your official invitation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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— ashley

These pictures are more than just photos. They remind me how I should see and feel about myself. 

I would have never thought that doing a boudoir photo shoot would have been so empowering and fun!! I can't thank Ashley enough for how amazing she was before, during, and after my shoot. My husband absolutely LOVED the pictures she took and I am so thankful that I did the shoot. I have been through so many trials both physically and mentally, including over 8 years of infertility, that I lost a lot of self-worth.


— lexi

The hair stylist and makeup artist make you look amazing! My photos turned out amazing and Ashley was a HUGE part of that! 

I felt so comfortable around Ashley and completely trusted her. 

Ashley is the best and makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful! She helps you pose and makes sure that your hair and lingerie are in place, and she also showers you with compliments and makes you feel like a model.


— holly

I am astounded at how I look. 

Before I did my photo shoot with Ashley, I thought boudoir was not for me. I was very nervous because I’m not skinny but I’m also not fat. I haven’t ever felt comfortable in my own skin and I was so unsure. In the week leading up to my session, I had even typed up a message to Ashley canceling my session because I was scared. But when I got there I was very welcomed by a team of people. Andrea (makeup) kept telling me how bomb I looked. Brittany (hair) kept complimenting my hair and how beautiful I was. All the women there kept giving me compliments, telling me how awesome I was, and laughing at my jokes. I had my gallery reveal today and:

Also how classy and elegant my pictures are! I’m so blessed that I decided to do this photo shoot! 


— Michaela

*Side effects include: your man making heart eyes 😍 at you when you show him a sneak peek. Increase in self-confidence. Feeling like Queen Bey. 💁🏽

If you, like me, have been wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot but keep putting it off because your skin isn’t so flawless or you’re a little heavier than you think is “ideal,” I promise you: you’re so wrong. You’re beautiful the way you are and Ashley and her boss lady squad will get you looking and feeling your best!!! Need help with outfits? She’s got suggestions for days. Need help with confidence? Trust me, she’ll tell you how wonderful you look in your most vulnerable state: half naked in front of a stranger! Don’t worry! I promise, she’ll make you feel flawless and give you direction and coaching to let your best self come forth. She’s a friggin’ miracle worker and it made it SO hard to pick just 25 images for my book. Do it for you. Now. Stop putting off the self-love. You are a beautiful creature now.


I wouldn't trust anyone except Ashley to do a shoot like this. She is unbelievably talented! 

— becca

This is one of the greatest decisions I could have made. I feel beautiful and powerful and look at myself completely differently now.


— Brooklyn

To be completely honest, she made me want to show myself off. I cannot stress enough how much you need to do a boudoir session with Ashley to give you the confidence boost. She has a way of making you feel more beautiful than anyone else on the planet.

I am in love with my body and myself ever since doing my shoot. 

I’ve never been a very open person. I’m not super shy, but I’m definitely not a person to show off my body. I get embarrassed just wearing lingerie around my fiancé. I cover myself up and hide basically. I did a boudoir photo shoot with Ashley as a wedding present and I cannot say it enough, cannot say it loud enough, cannot offer enough praise to her for how much she helped my confidence.


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