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Have you looked at photos of beautiful women before, in sexy lingerie, incredible poses and worried boudoir could never be for you?!? Do you immediately think that you would never look that beautiful, or that you could never pose like that? 

Well, sister, I’m here to walk you through the 3 exact steps I take with every client to allow you to show up as your best self! I always ensure that my clients have beautiful images, and walk away feeling like a million bucks after their own session. No matter what size jeans they wear, if they wear heels, or not, or if they had a breakup, and aren’t feeling worthy. 

One of my clients, Shelby said

“I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session. I was so afraid I didn’t have “the body” for it, and I lacked ALL the confidence to do one. I was afraid I would hate my pictures and it would just confirm my fears and lack of confidence. Being chosen for the fall model call I was ready to take the plunge. I wanted to see myself through the lens of the camera. To do something I had never even THOUGHT about doing. I wanted to gain confidence in myself and my body, and I needed a boost in some way. I wanted to do something for my significant other. Mostly, I wanted to do it for myself though. I owed myself this and needed this. I took the plunge in hopes that it was everything I needed.”

Are you worried boudoir isn’t for you?

Let’s dive on in and focus on the 3 most important elements of your boudoir session. Each one ties together to leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks. These elements will help you stop the feeling of being worried boudoir isn’t for you.

1. Your Boudoir Experience

First, your boudoir experience will be unlike any other photo session you’ve ever experienced. We will spend about 4-5 hours together on the day of your session starting with hair and makeup. You’ll have your hair and makeup professionally done. Trust me, my team is incredible. It truly makes a world of a difference in the final outcome of your photos. 

Starting with having professional hair and makeup will take all of the stress off of you. Do you remember those mornings of waking up, doing your hair and makeup, and trying to get somewhere on time? Yeah, we do too, we hate that feeling. So, all you have to do is bring your outfits, and show up. We’ll take it from there. 

You don’t have to worry if you couldn’t get your winged liner even on both sides, or if you couldn’t get your lashes on. Sis, you won’t be fretting if couldn’t get your hair styled just right. You won’t be thinking of that scar you aren’t fond of and want to have it covered up. We’re here to help you. 

And let’s be real, for many women they are left worried boudoir isn’t going to be fulfilling for them. They hope they won’t be left hating themselves and their photos. I hear from so many of my clients that they are so nervous about wearing lingerie, seeing their pictures, and thinking they too couldn’t rock their session because they lacked the confidence in themselves to do so.  We are here to change that for you. We are here to be with you every single step of the way, which leads to my next two points. 

2. Your Wardrobe.

Second, your wardrobe will truly make all the difference in the world for your boudoir experience. I take the time to prep each of my clients beforehand by sending information about where to shop. What is most flattering. What to avoid, and even how to prepare. 

We also have a client closet available. Along with a look book to peruse if you’d like to try any of our pieces out for your session. When you wear the right things that bring out your personality and style you’ll be feeling like a queen and don’t worry, I’ll capture your best self, I promise. 

I also highly encourage my clients to try implied nude, photos with a sheet, or even fully nude. It’s such a beautiful way to see your body in a new way! 99% of my clients tell me that their implied nude or nude photos are their very favorite! 

3. Posing You.

Last, but not least, the posing. Boudoir is a highly specialized area of photography.  You should book your boudoir with a photographer that specializes in this area. We are very familiar with posing all bodies, and knowing what angles are flattering for each body type. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to view a full gallery before booking your session. You will get an amazing idea of how they handle angles. You can see if they know how to pose clients in flattering positions or not. 

Now, I’l be the first to tell you that boudoir poses feel REALLY REALLY WEIRD. You will think to yourself that there’s no way this pose will look good on camera. Keep in mind, your photographer sees your body from a completely different angle than you do. So don’t fret, if the pose feels weird, that means you are doing it right! 

Hear It From Shelby, one of our beautiful clients!

Shelby said “I felt like a pure QUEEN. From the moment I stepped into the room, my nerves, lack of confidence, and poor outlook on myself and my body was INSTANTLY washed away.

I was CONSTANTLY reminded how beautiful I was, and constantly had my confidence and self outlook boosted. Ashley was so great about everything. She walked me through every little thing step by step as she consistently told me how much I was rocking it and how beautiful my pictures and I was. There wasn’t a second in the day that I felt lost or uncomfortable in my shoot.

Then when I saw my pictures, I couldn’t even believe it. They were nothing short of perfect in every single way and they made me feel SO beautiful. It truly was the GREATEST experience for me. I gained so much self-confidence, and truly see a totally different outlook on my body and myself, and ALL the credit is due to Ashley. She truly is a queen at what she does.”

I won’t leave your worried boudoir isn’t for you. I’ll show you exactly why it is! Are you ready to learn more about the boudoir experience and leave that worry behind? Join our e-mail list where we will provide all the juicy details. I promise we won’t spam you! 

Interested in learning more and finding community? Join us on in our women-only VIP Community. You can also join us on Instagram!

Lastly, don’t forget, if you haven’t already, join our e-mail list to learn more about boudoir and why YOU would be perfect for boudoir!

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Hi, I'm Ashley.
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