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Many times we are asked if and why we include professional hair and makeup during our boudoir experiences. We have several key reasons why we do.

Have you woken up to find you may not have slept as well as you’d like the night before? Maybe you were a little anxious about coming in for your session. On your session day, your kids may not be moving as fast as you want or need them to. Maybe, you ran out of your favorite product and totally forgot to pick up more? Does the thought of having to do your own hair and makeup feel like a daunting task? I see you, babe. You may typically wear very little makeup and throw your hair up in an amazing messy bun! We want to bring you from every day to slay!

So, babe, we are here to pamper you! Part of our luxury experiences includes the pampering aspect of having your hair and makeup done by professionals that work directly with me. They know how to highlight and accentuate your best features so that they will look beautiful on camera!

So check out our top reasons why we include professional hair and makeup for you.

It takes away from the stress of having to do it yourself.

Having professional hair and makeup just for you takes all the stress off of you having to wake up early, have this done, and love it all before you even come in for your session with me! I want your boudoir session to be fun and stress-free. I work with incredibly talented women. They have perfected their services to ensure that you have your best hair and makeup day.

It gives you time to relax, gather your thoughts, and get to know my team and I!

I love to think of your boudoir experiences as a day to relax, enjoy yourself, and feel your absolute best. It is so very normal to be nervous before your session. In fact 99% of my clients are. I even was before I did my very own boudoir session! But, we don’t want you to come in only to undress quickly and not catch a moment to relax, gather your thoughts and get to know us.

Celeste, my makeup artist said “I feel like makeup is essential to give that finishing touch for boudoir photos so that they feel most confident. It also gives the client time to gather their thoughts beforehand. I feel like we are not getting the client ready only physically but mentally as well which is just as important. Its the time they get to relax and get pampered!”

My camera picks up your hair and makeup differently!

Many times women are shocked by how amazing they look as well as feeling like they are wearing a lot of makeup, and that is on purpose. On camera your makeup will appear softer and polished, that is why it may feel like you have on more than normal! Celeste is a true professional and highly qualified. She has been doing makeup for well over a decade, as well as produced her own makeup line while she lived in New Orleans.

Also, let’s talk about your hair! Your hair is equally as important as your makeup. We highly recommend the messy, loose waves for the lived in feel. However, Natalie, one of our hairstylists said she would also love to see more bouncy curls or Hollywood waves if you feel that fits your style better! She is so incredibly talented and can make your hair dreams come true. We always encourage our clients to wash and blowdry their hair before they come in. We don’t want your hair to look greasy on camera! Trust me, the camera can tell.

Are you ready to be pampered by our professional hair and makeup team?

So, know that your professional hair and makeup services are complimentary to your pampering boudoir experience. We want you to feel confident, sexy, and beautiful when you step foot in front of the camera! With having professional hair and makeup services just for you you won’t have to rush, you won’t have to worry about a bad hair day, or not being able to get your lashes on just right!

We’ve got you and we can’t wait for you to come into our studio!

Professional hair by Natalie Bohanan. You can follow Natalie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naturally.by.natalie/
Professional Makeup by Celeste Houser. You can follow Celeste on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/makemeup_celeste/

Are you ready to book your very own boudoir session? You can contact Ashley here!

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Hi, I'm Ashley.
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