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I'm Ashley

Your boudoir photographer. I have photographed for 12 years now. I have photographed hundreds of women since beginning my boudoir journey and I'll never trade it. 

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Check out Nicole’s empowering body-positive Boudoir Session

So many times before women book their sessions with me they will tell me they need to lose 20 lbs. Sometimes, they say they will do one after they start working out. Even worse, they say they will never do one because they hate their new mom bod.

I’m here to share with you that you are worth being celebrated here and now. As you are.

Nicole said “I wanted to do a boudoir shoot before I embarked on a weight loss journey to show myself and everyone else that you can still be sexy and wanted as a big girl.”

Yes, I fully support you leaning into self-care and a healthier lifestyle. Let me encourage you that a boudoir session can be the start of just that!

When you learn to love who are you now, you will step into your amazing future.

I asked Nicole how she felt after her session and she said

“Amazing. You literally get this self esteem high that is incredible. I have never felt as good about myself as I did after my shoot.

I’ve heard and seen so many reactions from my clients. Especially, about how they realized they had nothing to worry about before their session. Women loved the wrinkles they saw. Even, the stretch marks that came with the pregnancy of their baby. And not only that, but their chest that may not be what it was in their 20s. and so on.

You see, boudoir teaches you how to love your imperfections, and inspires you to become the best version of yourself.

This shoot did more for me than I could ever explain. I have always been bigger. I have always been told to cover up because it was undesirable to see. This shoot means so much more than just pictures. This is me standing up to everyone who would want me to cover up because I was to big. It is me accepting everything about myself and the beauty I have.

Nicole said

“Your body is perfect for these pictures just the way it is. You don’t have to lose those last 5 pounds before you book or tone yourself. These are meant to show your true beauty and that is exactly what they do.”

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Hi, I'm Ashley.
Your BFF + Boudoir Photographer.

Based out of Oklahoma City, I have been photographing for 12 years now. I have a passion for teaching women how to love themselves again. After struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety that robbed me of my happiness and seeing my worth I invested in a boudoir session and finally, for the first time in my life, I saw myself as beautiful, strong, and worthy. I dream of this for every woman. 

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