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Your boudoir photographer. I have photographed for 12 years now. I have photographed hundreds of women since beginning my boudoir journey and I'll never trade it. 

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Some of you may be asking why I have chosen to focus on boudoir photography and the answer is simple. A boudoir photo shoot is life changing.

I have recently set out on an adventure to stay body positive. I’ve struggled with views of my own body for several years now. I was even angry with what my body had put me through – having a tumor and losing an ovary at 23 years old and being so sick for months. Having a terrible labor and delivery, postpartum depression and anxiety, and a lot of weight gain to name a few.

So over the years I began to hate my body. I would look at all these scars on my abdomen and be reminded of all the mental, emotional and physical pain I had endured, and every time I looked at myself in the mirror I felt less than, I felt, angry, I felt betrayed and I was discouraged. If I couldn’t love myself, how could anyone else?

My Life Changing Adventure

So I set out on an adventure to love myself, to see the positive, the light, and even the miracles my body has been through. I did a boudoir photography session and let me tell you how it changed my life.

I, like you probably are, was very nervous. There were so many days that I didn’t think I was “pretty enough” or “skinny enough;” or any other body shaming adjective you can think of. However, I told myself that it wasn’t true and I was going to prove to myself that I am enough; I am beautiful; I am confident; I am strong; I am empowered; and most importantly, I am loved.

Allowing myself a few hours of vulnerability in that boudoir photo shoot has changed how I not only look at myself, but how I love myself. Seeing my own boudoir photos was the best thing I have done for myself in years. It allowed me to feel whole again, for the first time in years. For the first time it has allowed me to truly see myself as beautiful, as sexy, as strong, and confident. It has brought so much healing to my heart that it has been such a turning point in my business!

My Philosophy

I stand to encourage, empower and boost a woman’s confidence. I can guarantee that our boudoir photography shoot together will be stress free, fun, and most of all, an empowering experience. You will walk away feeling beautiful, confident, strong and sexy because YOU are worthy. You are a goddess and my dear, you are incredible!

So whether you are doubtful or already know how incredible you are, let’s do this together! Boudoir photography not only makes such an incredible gift for yourself, but it is such a fun, sexy, and beautiful gift to give your partner that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Check out what Alex had to say about her boudoir photography session with me:

My boudoir photo shoot experience with Ashley was amazing! Ashley was such a calming spirit at a time that can be a little awkward. She was very good at directing me through poses when I got stuck with what to do next. She has an impeccable eye for details, which is crucial for boudoir photography and made the entire photo shoot such a fun and easy going experience. I also received my gallery a lot sooner than expected, which is always a bonus! Every woman should have a boudoir photo shoot at least once every few years. It is such an empowering feeling and I will definitely be coming back to Ashley in the future!

Now let’s book your boudoir photography session today! Fill out the contact form below or e-mail hello@ashleylayden.com to book!  Be sure to join my closed Facebook group for discounts, giveaways, and so much more! It is a safe space for women! Also, be sure to find me on Instagram!

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Hi, I'm Ashley.
Your BFF + Boudoir Photographer.

Based out of Oklahoma City, I have been photographing for 12 years now. I have a passion for teaching women how to love themselves again. After struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety that robbed me of my happiness and seeing my worth I invested in a boudoir session and finally, for the first time in my life, I saw myself as beautiful, strong, and worthy. I dream of this for every woman. 

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